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Santa's hair and beard were colored by:

Mrs. Claus

Coloring and Styling tips generously provided 

by the good folks at: That's Santa

Santa's Friends

(After all...the world is a BIG place)

Santa Edson---Alberta, Canada 

Santa Barry---Fresno, California

Santa Felix---Wylie, Texas         

Bama Santa---Central Alabama 

Santa Allen---Dallas/Fort Worth 



To experience True Christmas Spirit, I encourage you to visit...


Show your kids that "Santa Really Was Here Last Night" 


Visit my Santa Claus in Columbia page on Gig Salad

 Santa is listed with Thumbtack.com.  Visit my page for Professional Real-Bearded Santas While you are at Thumbtack, why not browse the site for a caterer or party planner to help with the holiday festivities.


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